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Welcome to our Whodunnit murder mystery.

The Lord of the Manor has been found dead following a party at his country estate, and you have been tasked with searching the property for any clues that might help you to determine which of the suspects committed the crime.

This escape room themed puzzle has been designed to work with the latest version of all web browsers, but we recommend using Chrome for the best experience.

All answers are either letters or numbers, will be UPPER CASE and contain no spaces or other punctuation.

Below each puzzle page, there are two buttons to give access to additional clues, and a third button which will provide the answer if you are really struggling. There is also a link to a description detailing how the answer could be arrived at. If you do find that you need to use the answer, we suggest that only one of your team looks at it and then tries to help the others by giving them hints and tips rather than just telling all the answer.

As with all of our escape rooms, we recommend that you have to hand a pen, paper, and mobile phone.

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Click to get started, and good luck!!

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