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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your games like?

These are Online Escape Room style games. Each page will have a puzzle that you will need to complete in order to progress.

What is the time limit?

We believe that these rooms should take approximately 60 minutes to complete, however they have no time limit built in.


How many people can play at once?

Each game is designed for 2-6 players using one login. However with large groups you may want to purchase a second login and split into teams to compete against each other. 

Can I play with my friends or colleagues at another location?

Our games can be played with anyone, anywhere in the world.  All you need is a video or chat app such as Zoom, Messenger or Houseparty and you can play the game together online.


Do I need to reserve a time slot?                 

No, once you purchase your game, you are free to play whenever you wish. Our escape rooms can be played whenever you like and your login password will last for 1 month.

What if i cannot complete a puzzle?

There are clues on each page but we think you should use them as a last resort! One clue might be quite vague and the other clue should be more direct. 


Do I need a printer?

There is nothing that needs to be printed, a pen and paper is definitely required!

How does the order process work?

When you complete a purchase in our shop you will receive a booking confirmation with the download file. This will contain your login details. We recommend you download the file straight away (although you do not need to play straight away).

What age group is this suitable for?

We haven’t set an age limit for these but we think children aged 10+ would be able to join in with family and friends if you wanted them too. 


What devices can I play on?

We recommend, laptop, desktop computer, or tablets.

Anything Else?

Please contact us at

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