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Lighthouse Rescue - Online EscapeRoom

Lighthouse Rescue - Online EscapeRoom


Story :You are the best investigator for unsolved mysteries and this might be your most challenging case yet. The light on an infamous lighthouse has gone out. Ships are in danger - we need your help! Can you switch the light back on before the next ship is due to pass?  


Lighthouse Rescue is a story and puzzle experience browser based game that is  perfect for solo play or groups of friends. Each page has a puzzle to solve which will unlock the next page. Do you have what it takes to fix the light?


You do not need to download or print anything but a pen and paper is definately recommended, along with a good internet connection.  You can begin right away! All of our games are playable alone, together or against each other!


Once purchased you will receive your playing code link instantly.


Game Details:
Online Puzzle Escape Room Experience
Players - 1-6 (from the same or different locations)
Age - 10+ if playing with family
Time - Approx 1 hour
Difficulty - Medium Difficulty
Compatability - Laptop/PC

Whilst all features should work on the latest version of all popular browsers, we recommend Chrome for the best user experience.

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